Amazing Leasing Package

ONE Leasing’s superior leasing package includes the following:

  • Lease new or used tractors with reasonable payments and full extended warranty.
  • Short-term lease options
  • Lease completion incentive
  • Great buy-out values

Performance Escrow

To help maintain a positive cash flow, ONE Leasing sets up a performance escrow deducted in weekly installments. Putting additional money in this account is a wise business decision as it enables you to pay your truck payments and yourself when you are off. It is also an interest-bearing account.

Breakdown Insurance Program

For just $7.50/week, you can purchase insurance against long-term breakdown. The breakdown insurance program helps cover fixed costs if your truck breaks down for an extended period of time.

Lease Completion Incentive

ONE Leasing offers a lease completion incentive of three cents per mile for all odometer miles. For example, if you ran 700,000 miles over a five-year period, you would be paid $21,000. This incentive can be applied toward the purchase of the tractor or can be taken as a cash settlement.