Maintenance Escrow

ONE Leasing has designed a program to ensure that maintenance costs are a manageable part of your business. We do this by establishing a Maintenance Escrow through weekly deductions. You can then use the money in your Maintenance Escrow to pay for any required maintenance that you performed on your truck (including tires).

Road Assistance

ONE Leasing offers optional road assistance if you choose. Our Road Assist team will provide you with information to help diagnose and potentially correct the problem. If additional assistance is required, Road Assist personnel will do one of the following at your request:

  • Contact an over-the-road repair facility that will be routed to your location to assist you.
  • Contact a towing facility to tow your equipment to a repair facility.
  • Provide you with directions to a repair facility (if the equipment can be safely and legally driven)


In addition, to ensure that you truly have peace of mind, all new model equipment comes with a warranty:

Trucks ending in 17, 18 and 19 have a 4-year, 575,000 basic vehicle extended warranty and a 5-year, 675,000 extended engine and after-treatment warranty.

Trucks ending in 20 and 21 have a 5-year, 675,000 basic vehicle extended warranty as well as a 5-year, 675,000 extended engine and after-treatment warranty.

Extended Warranties are also available. Warrantable repairs includes coverage of split tow charges.