ONE Leasing Inc. is proud to offer the Kenworth T680 with a four-year, 575,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty. World-class quality, appearance, styling, technology, and ergonomics are found in many details of these Kenworth models. Kenworth also ranks highest for customer satisfaction in three segments of J.D. Power and Associates heavy-duty truck study. The American Truck Dealers named the Kenworth T680 the winner of its Class 8 truck of the year. ONE Leasing Inc. also has great short-term lease programs on used trucks. 

Auxiliary Power Units

All tractors come equipped with Tri-Pac Auxiliary Heating/Cooling Temperature Management Systems. These devices eliminate the need to idle your truck and consumes only 20%-25% of the fuel that the tractor consumes while idling. With many states enacting anti-idling laws, it is important for your comfort to have an APU on your truck.

Autoshifts Pave the Way to Higher Profits

If you are thinking about purchasing a tractor with an automatic transmission, consider the benefits of owning a tractor with the Eaton AutoShift. Shifting is computer-controlled at an ideal engine speed for best efficiency and performance. Most of the shock is taken out of the driveline that is easier on all driveline parts and will save you money on repairs and replacement parts. With less body movement and the ability to keep both hands on the wheel, you create less stress on your body. The Autoshift reduces driver skill requirements through ease of operation. You can place more emphasis on safe driving rather than gear shifting.


These tractors feature the innovative PACCAR MX engine, which has a design life of 1 million miles, excellent fuel efficiency, longer preventive maintenance intervals, and increased uptime. The MX engine is three times quieter at idle and 1.5 times quieter on the highway.

Power Inverter

  • 2500 Watts with a 5000W Peak
  • Equipped with inverters so you can run your laptop, TV and microwave.

Automatic 5th Wheel Release 

Other features of our trucks include refrigerator, dual bunk, CD player, and satellite radio availability.